Chrome Hearts Sunglasses

Chrome hearts Sunglasses are the hottest and most sophisticated sunglasses in the fashion industry right now and here’s why: Chrome hearts is one of the most luxurious and stunning American brand ever created, founded by biker Richard Stark in 1988. It has become a very exquisite and successful brand around the world. After doing extensive research the First Chrome Hearts Sunglasses collection was released in 2002. Boutiques are available in major cities of the world including; Japan, France, Taiwan, New York, California, Hawaii amongst others, and now online. These sunglasses are high-end hand-Crafted made art pieces for people who tend to be original and edgy. This brand carries a vast selection of sunglasses that will fit any personality from rock and roll to very feminine and delicate. This brand has affordable pieces all the way to very expensive pieces, suited for every kind of salary. There is one for you too. Chrome Hearts Sunglasses feature high-quality materials, artistry, attention to detail and precious metals as an inspiration of the founders carpentry abilities.

Wearing these sunglasses will make you the center of attention of the room.  Biker Richard Stark was able to merge two worlds, uniqueness and quality, making these sunglasses one of the most luxurious and beautiful eye wear you have ever seen. If you pass on these sunglasses, you will regret it because buying one of these will mean that you wont have to spend too much money on accessories to look good. Wearing this one piece, you can be at ease with your wardrobe, because everyone is going to be looking at them instead. You will be showered with compliments every where you go. You can wear them to an afternoon with your friends at the mall, up to the elegant party on a Sunday afternoon. These sunglasses will be the center stage. They are wild and shout “ I’m one of a kind”

These sunglasses also do a great job protecting your eyes 100%. They are perfect for the Fashion girl out there that likes to be noticed,and loves to have people comment on their great sense of style, or for that man that likes to stand out in the crowd and be unique. This brand is made for people that really appreciate and value the little details and work that’s put on each piece to make it exclusive, and original.

The New collection offers a variety of sunglasses and prescription glasses for people with different sense of style. Every single piece is unique and there is no other like it. These are the sunglasses of the year, and there here to stay, so choose your art piece today. Some of the most popular models are; The Chrome Hearts The Beast II Shiny Silver Ebony Wood Sunglasses and is one of the hottest sunglasses around.  It features a classic aviator shape and engraved designs so cool that you will even want to wear them at night. Also popular are the Chrome Hearts The Beast I 63SS Wood Sunglasses with Grey lenses and an ebony white frame,  the Chrome Hearts Road Head 62 Gold Sunglasses and the Chrome Hearts TAINT Silver Sunglasses White Leather.

Chrome Hearts Eyewear and Celebrities

These trend setting sunglasses are worn by people that want to get away from the ordinary and appreciate detail and originality.

Chrome hearts is seen amongst celebrity icons like; Aerosmith, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, The Rolling Stones,Guns N'Roses,Usher, Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie, Marc Anthony and The Osbournes just to name a few. The greatness, spectacular quality and lens shape have not gone unnoticed, it has won awards in the past years, and will continue to be a favorite. Chrome Hearts Sunglasses has one of the most innovative collections in fashion Industry for sunglasses ever. They put in lots of time and inspiration into every piece.

The use of uncommon materials including; exotic woods, genuine leather, precious metals and gemstones, the tooling required and the hand craft are what makes this brand a refined popular brand. These specific brand is only worn by the elite of fashion, what this brand has to offer is uniqueness and boldness. With an unparalleled quality and inspections that each eye wear passes through, makes these sunglasses one of the finest in the market. You can go anywhere with them and look great, some even wear them at night because they are a very authentic piece of jewelry.

Some of the most beautiful prescriptions frames include the;Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses Drilled BK Dri1, Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses See You in Tea TT See3,Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses Gittin ANY-II BK Gittin 3  and many more. Look for your favorite today, don’t waste any more time.

Beware of low cost imitations some models are not made of sterling silver but of aluminum and copper. All Chrome Hearts sunglasses comes with its own awesome eyewear case made from hand-tooled Italian leather, certificates of authenticity and Chrome Hearts polishing cloths. The sunglasses are stunning in detail, some have pearl inlays, small carvings, making these truly wonderful and unique. Be the center of attention and feel like an artist wearing these. You will be a fan once you get your hands on one. Some say these are the Ferrari of sunglasses. Check out the new Collection and get one for you today, you deserve the best.